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ERP Development

As a leading IT Solutions Provider in Nagpur, Vruksh Technologies provides various types of customized IT solutions to our customers not only in Nagpur but globally..

Software & Website Development

No matter if you just want to have a simple 5 pages website or a bespoke eCommerce platform, Vruksh Technologies pride ourselves on offering our clients high quality, cost effective and affordable website design

Mobile App

All types of mobile application from data management to eCommerce we can developed.

Recent Works

MCA Live Project


#region Variables public int _Id; public string _AccountHead; public string _Remarks; private ClsConnection objConnection; #endregion #region Constructor public ClsAccountHead() { objConnection = new ClsConnection(); _Id = 0; _AccountHead = “”; _Remarks = “”; } #endregion #region Properties public int getId { get { return _Id; } set { _Id = value; } } public string

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ALTER Procedure [dbo].[Pro_AccountHead] (@Id int ,@AccountHead varchar(50) ,@Remarks varchar(100) ,@mode int) as if(@mode = 1) begin select * from AccountHead return end if(@mode=2) begin Insert into AccountHead (AccountHead ,Remarks) values (@AccountHead ,@Remarks) return end

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